Surveillance camera systems are now considered an essential part of most business security plans.

Many businesses are discovering how beneficial video can be for day-to-day operations. Video can be used to keep an eye on employees’ productivity and to make sure they are following safety procedures. A camera can also help monitor specialty equipment and machinery or to gauge traffic flow in your business.

Custom Installation

Luxus provides custom installation of your surveillance system and video recording equipment. We customize surveillance installation based on your individual business needs, your compliant security plan for your cannabis business.

Video Surveillance

Our surveillance software allows your business to remain in full security compliance by archiving all recordings for the minimum of 30 days. This provides a system that has the capability to produce a color still photograph from any camera image and embedding a date and time on all recordings without obscuring the picture.

24 / 7 Monitoring

Our surveillance company offers security at your fingertips. View your cameras from virtually anywhere using your mobile device and help protect against theft, improve employee safety and give yourself peace of mind knowing your business is safe.

Choosing The Right Cameras for Your Business

Luxus surveillance company understands how important choosing the right camera system is to the profitability and success of your company.

Whether you need Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras to scan large areas such as parking lots or Internet Protocol (IP) cameras to get a detailed shot of a license plate. To capture footage to a DVR when activity is detected, cameras can be set up with auto-tracking technology.

At Luxus, we serve the regulated medical and recreational cannabis industry.

Our professional security consultants will create a package that is right for your unique business.

Lawmakers in Philadelphia have already issued cannabis licenses. Additional licenses will be issued this year, and surveillance is key to the protection of your business.  Security concerns are common in an industry like marijuana that’s transitioning from the black market to the legal market. The threats to marijuana businesses are very real. The cannabis industry is a  “high-risk business” that needs the protection of a surveillance company that understands these needs.

There are many options for video surveillance for the cannabis industry. For video surveillance camera systems, Luxus surveillance designs systems which utilize the latest megapixel and video analytics technology available on the market today. Our security experts will assist in you in selecting the appropriate system and surveillance camera placement. Luxus will ensure that your medical marijuana dispensary or retail marijuana store or grow house has the most up to date system with that best fits your needs.

Our service areas include Philadelphia metro and the surrounding areas.
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