Analog Based Systems

Analog video surveillance has been around for decades. Reliable and cost effective for certain markets, they bring great value if you have a cost conscious business.

IP / Megapixel Systems

IP based systems offer the latest technological advantages – higher resolution images, remote focusing of the camera’s lens, use of an existing data structured cabling system, POE powered and greater network utilization.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems create great utilization of an investment in an analog system while setting the stage for full migration to a true IP based system, so that a “forklift upgrade” is avoided and saves money.

Wireless Options

A hardwired system is always the best practice, but when wires can’t be run, ACT Security can provide a wireless solution. This enables IP cameras with high resolution to be utilized without sacrificing bandwidth.

Enterprise/Integrated Systems

When a video surveillance system goes over 50 cameras/multiple sites / wireless transmission methods, a different layered approach will be applied. Multiple departments need to be assembled to discuss the best use of infrastructure and how to save money for this deployment. Whether its 50 or 1,000’s of cameras, they can be centrally managed, viewed on unlimited clients and integrated with the Access Control System including graphical views.

Portable Remote Sentries

The portable battery operated motion view can be installed anywhere; often mounted on portable stands that can be picked up and moved around as the situation demands — no trenching, no wires. The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in storms and blizzards, ignoring the rain and snow.

Surveillance Systems Design & Installation

Luxus can design, sell, install, program and service analog and IP camera systems of any size. We will also setup the app for you on your devices and teach you how to use it. You will have the ability to pull up the camera video feeds from any TV or touch panel in the house. There is also an option to use cameras built in the touch panels to do room to room video intercom, with the front-back door doorbell station having a camera that auto populates on the screen whenever someone presses the button.

Having a video surveillance system installed in your home or business is a perfect combination to your other home security systems.


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